Thursday, November 14, 2019

Why we make the Bracha?

Why should you make this Bracha for a woman
who wasn't Jewish, wasn't a Tzadekes and died
thousands of years ago.
The שער הציון answers that we are upset that
the תפילות of אברהם אבינו weren't accepted
Perhaps we can answer with a diffrent approach.

When there is ח"ו a death in a family, the ברכה of דיין האמת is recited to justify the מדת הדין of HKBH.

The ברכה should preferably be said in front of the Niftar (יציאת נשמה or לויה/קריעה)

If there is no Niftar in the area, one may recite the Bracha up to 30 days of Petirah (R M. Feinstein Zt"l) or up to 12 months (other Poskim)

The distruction  of Sdom and death of Lot's wife was מדת הדין of HKBH. A מדת הדין on a whole city even on Goyim
would require a Bracha.

Since this happened more than 12 months ago (3800 years)  the Bracha would not have been said.

However, the pillar of salt that can be seen today might be considered as if the actual body of Lot's wife is in front of the person looking at it.

Perhaps this is the reason why only in front of this pillar can one make a Bracha for the  מדת הדין of 3800 years ago
being it is as if the Niftar is in front of the person making the Bracha.

All other Niftarim are buried and gone and no Bracha can be said after so many years.  



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