Wednesday, November 13, 2019

ברוך – דיין האמת

"On bad news, one makes the Bracha
 ברוך – דיין האמת  ."
(Shulchan Aruch O.Ch. 222:2)
"If someone sees the wife of Lot (Pillar of salt)
he should make two Brachos,
1)  ברוך- דיין האמת  
2) ברוך - זוכר הצדיקים" (For saving Lot)
(Shulchan Aruch O. Ch. 218:8)
 Bad news?
Why should you make this Bracha for a woman
who wasn't Jewish, wasn't a Tzadekes and died
thousands of years ago.

Why don't we say this Bracha in מערת המכפלה
or קבר רחל for the death of our mothers etc.?

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