Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Palestinians

אוירא דארץ ישראל מחכים ב"ב קנ"ח ע"ב 

The פייטן in  קינות לתשעה באב #37    writes,

"בך כל בהמה ועוף חכמו עדי כחמור היה לפנים
לבן יאיר חמוריך"

"Within you (Zion) every animal & bird grew wise 
to the point where even the donkeys were
as intelligent as the donkey of Ben Yair".

With this Piyut we can understand why the need for
Avraham who was a צדיק to muzzle his animals
and couldn't rely on - בהמתן של צדיקים אין הקב"ה מביא תקלה

It was during the times they were in חו"ל only then
was it necessary to muzzle them. The rule
of בהמתן של צדיקים only works on animals in ארץ ישראל
whose intelligence is higher than animals in  חו"ל

Some claim, that the most intelligent Arabs,
are the Palestinians.

Perhaps, the reason for it is, because if  אוירא דארץ ישראל
has an effect on the חמורים it surely must also have an
effect on the עם הדומה לחמור 

However, the rule of דיו לבא מן הדין להיות כנדון applies.


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