Monday, December 3, 2018

9 days Chanukah

                      9 days Chanukah

The טורי אבן (R.H.18b) & מנחת חינוך 
(#301: 6) both claim  that in the early days
when they were מקדש החדש ע"פ  ראיה,
in those places where the שלוחים couldn't make
it on time to notify when Rosh Chodesh was they
kept 9 days Chanukah. (מספק)

The פרי חדש gives 3 reasons why today we
don't keep 9 days Chanukah in Chutz La'aretz.

1) Chanukah is דרבנן
2) 8 days of מילה the Yevonim tried to stop
3) We want to be מפרסם נס חנוכה which was 8 days & not 9 days.

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