Friday, November 30, 2018

Not so holy candles according to The Bavli

According to the בעל המאור and other Rishonim, there is a three way מחלוקת re the holiness of the Chanukah candles.

1) may not be used even for another מצוה

2) may not be used for counting money etc. but may be used for another מצוה

3) the light of the candle may be used even for counting money. only when using the actual candle or fire is there a ביזוי מצוה

In -
מסכת סופרים פ"כ - הנרות הללו קדש הם ואין  
will hold #1 ie. Chanukah candles are holy and one may not use its light even to perform another מצוה.

In the Bavli we have a מחלוקת between ר"י אמר ר' אסי who holds #2 and שמואל who holds #3

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