Thursday, March 22, 2018

Shul Challos

              The Minhag of Shul Challas  Erev Shabbos Hagodol

The  (ארחות חיים (לר' אהרן הכהן מלוניל quotes the רא"ש:

"The Minhag of all Yidden 
on Erev Shabbos Hagodol is to bake חלות

They are called חלת עני* and in לע"ז (German/Yiddish) they are called "Shul Challas". 
    The Kehilla distributed the חלות to the poor. 
   From the time this Minhag was abandoned, a curse was sent on the grain.”

    * It is interesting, that there is a Tumel in the Poskim regarding this חלת עני, starting with the מהרש"ל & מג"א
     and others, yet very few are aware of this Minhag. Whereas Shlissel Challah, not a single Posek
     mentions it and it is the most popular and known Minhag.(re Challah)

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