Monday, January 22, 2018

It's good to say

           WHY YOU SHOULD SAY  פרשת המן

The טור and the מחבר,write in the first Siman 
of the entire Shulchan Aruch " טוב לומר" (It's good
to say פרשת המן etc.)

When the טור and the מחבר both say it's good then
   it must be good.

The משנה ברורה (sk 13) quotes the בית יוסף
"The reason to say it so to believe that Parnasa
    comes with השגחה פרטית." The מ"ב explains, 
   to believe that increase in השתדלות doesn't 
   help to increase Parnasa.

   Seems the reason to say it is not for the Segula
   but to ingrain the proper השקפה re Parnasa

The פרישה quotes the ירושלמי in מס' ברכות 
(ערוך השלחן couldn't find it and it hasn't been found
    since) "Whoever says פרשת המן EVERY DAY* 
   will be guaranteed not to miss his מזונות. (Parnasa)

The תשב"ץ adds "ואני ערב" I am a guarantor.
   Perhaps, this  Segula acts as a reward for attempting 
   to ingrain the proper השקפה in השגחה פרטית 

*not only on Tuesday Parshas Beshalach

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