Tuesday, December 26, 2017


                The fast day of  ח' טבת

The  Shulchan Aruch (580:1) enumerates  21 additional
fast days (on top the 4 fasts, Ta'anis Esther & Yom Kippur)
One of them is.
"On the 8th day in Teves. {TODAY} The story 
of תלמי המלך ( Septuagint) happened."

The טור writes "כתב בה"ג אלו הימים שמתענין בהם מן התורה
(The בה"ג writes   “These fasts (the 21 additional fast days) 
are מן התורה.)

The ב"ח & the ב"י  explain that the בה"ג meant when he
wrote that these fasts are מן התורה, that they are
important fast days to be taken seriously as if it is מן התורה

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