Tuesday, December 26, 2017

We want Moshiach now.

                     We want Moshiach now.

In Nusach Sfard Siddurim at the end of the Bracha of את צמח דוד it says ומצפים לישועה.

The words "ומצפים לישועה" do not belong there.

It has never been part of any Nusach of the שמונה עשרה.

Originally someone wrote it on the side of the Bracha as instruction and advice to have  there in mind to expect the ישועה of ביאת המשיח.

The Gemoro (Shabbos 31a) says one of the first questions one will be asked will 
be "?ציפית לישועה"  (Did you expect משיח)

The person who wrote ומצפים לישועה felt it would be an appropriate place&time to have 
in mind, the coming of Moshiach during the Bracha of את צמח דוד.

Some Poskim strongly oppose adding the words ומצפים לישועה  being it's not part of the Nusach of the Bracha.

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