Friday, July 24, 2020


הלכה ולא למעשה  

                                        ONLY CHASIDIM ARE ALLOWED

The רמ"א (O.Ch. 551: 1) writes, On שבת חזון, you  must wear weekday clothes (except the shirt)

The ערוך השלחן תקנ"א : י"א  writes, "today we do change to בגדי שבת. They were מתיר
 wearing  בגדי שבת, otherwise, you will be showing אבילות בפרהסיה (public) on Shabbos.

Even though the רמ"א also knew of the problem of אבילות בפרהסיה,  he still wouldn’t  allow
wearing בגדי שבת because in the times of the רמ"א the style of dress between Shabbos and 

weekday were similar. By wearing weekday clothes there is no אבילות בפרהסיה. 

It is only  when they started wearing Bekeshes and Shtreimels on Shabbos were they  מתיר
to wear בגדי שבת otherwise, it would be אבילות בפרהסיה".

According to the ערוה"ש  the Heter of wearing בגדי שבת is only for Chasidim who wear
on Shabbos Shtreimels and Bekeshes. Those who wear suits and hats on Shabbos should wear

 their weekday suit and hat.

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