Friday, July 24, 2020

When did he die?


 מת בי"ט ראשון יתעסקו בו עממין בי"ט ב' יתעסקו בו ישראל


In a Ksav Yad (manuscript) from the son of the Toldos it is written
"The בעש"ט was Niftar on the first day of Shavuos 6th of Sivan on a Wednesday".

Many other Seforim follow this Mesorah (tradition) and agree
he was Niftar on the first day YomTov.
​T​he Sefer Melietzei Aish and some other Seforim claim
The בעש"ט was Niftar the second day of Shavuos. (can't be on a Wednesday)

The previous Skolye Rebbe zt"l said There is a Mesorah that the בעש"ט said  " At my Yetzias Neshama all clocks in Meshbuz will stop".

The בעש"ט was Niftar the second night Shavuos at midnight
and all the clocks in Meshbuz stopped exactly at12.00

(I wonder how many clocks, if any, Meshbuz had in those days)

The Darkei Chaim V'sholom (Minchas Elozor) writes The בעש"ט was Niftar on the first day Yom Tov and the Chasidim followed the Halacha יתעסקו בו עממין to have Goyim take care of the body and the Kevura.

The Sefer Shemuos V'Sipurim writes " R. L. Y. Schneerson zt"l asked from The Lubavitcher Rebbe The Marshab zt"l
(R. Sholem Ber) 

Who took care of the body of the בעש"ט ?" (YomTov)

The Marshab answered" the body of the בעש"ט didn't require others to take care of it.

A different version of his answer "The בעש"ט buried himself.after his Petira, no grave diggers were needed."


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