Monday, June 19, 2017

What A Joke ?

           כחוכא ואיטלולא

The Mishna Verurah(24:7) writes in the name of the קדמונים
that by placing the ציצית over the eyes when saying
Parshas ציצית one is guaranteed not to become blind.

The Mishne Verura continues that
 "a blind man may hold his  ציצית in his hand even though it says וראיתם אותו since others can see it.

However, the blind man should not place the ציצית over
his eyes since it will seem כחוכא ואיטלולא." [It looks weird and 
laughable for a blind man seeking protection of not 
becoming blind.]

I was just wondering when some צדיקים do strange things during their עבודה no one looks at it as weird. 

On the contrary, it is assumed they have  deep Kabbalistic hidden  כוונות.

So too why is it considered weird & laughable when a blind man would place his ציצית over his eyes and we don't assume it to have a deeper meaning?

       Seems) that this privilege is only applicable)   ווייזט זיך אויס
to צדיקים. When they act strangely during performing Mitzvohs  we may not question it. We must assume they are performing with hidden Kabbalistic כוונות.

For the המון עם (simple Yid) they have to be careful not to 
do strange actions while performing Mitzvohs otherwise it

will be  כחוכא ואיטלולא

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