Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Hesped That Harav Moshe Aaron Stern Said On An Odom Gadol

Harav Moshe Aaron Stern zt"l Mashgiach 
Kamenetz was  Maspid an Odom Kasher 
by repeating a Shaila this person asked.

"During Shemonei Esrai  at the Bracha of 
Shema Koleinu one may add personal 
Bakashos (Refuah Parnasa etc.). 

Why can't he also answer Amen Yehai Shmai 
Rabbah during the Birchas Shema Kolainu?"

The Mashgiach praised him that he asked this
Shaila because he was concerned for  
Kvod Shomayim just as much as for his own needs.
He wanted to interrupt the Bracha with a
Yehai Shmai Rabbah.

I think this person is also praiseworthy for asking
such a good Kushya for which I am seeking an

Please help with an answer,if you can.

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