Thursday, July 15, 2021

R' Kloinimos Ba'al Haness


Harav Eliyahu Dovid Rabinowitz zt"l was known as the אדרת. He wrote more than 120 Sefarim. Only 2 of them were printed

in his lifetime. The rest remained in manuscripts.

Reb Reuven Dessler Shlita from Cleveland owns the manuscript.
of the Sefer  "הר המוריה"  Reb Reuven as a מזכה את הרבים  published the Sefer.

In Teshuva #73 The Aderes was asked about a Minhag Yerushalayim.Many who travel to Chu"l take a stone from the Kever of the Tzadik Reb Kalmen. The Shaila was if one may do so?

He answered there is no Issur and one may take  
a stone from the Kever.

To understand the Shaila some background information.

A dead Arab child was thrown into the Shul courtyard and the Arabs accused the Yidden to have killed him.

Reb Klonimos wrote a שם קודש on Shabbos (Pikuach Nefesh ) and placed it on the boy who woke up from the dead.

The boy informed the authorities the name of the Arab murderer. This prevented  a pogrom against the Yidden in Yerushalayim.

R' Kloinimos felt he still needs a Kaporo for the Chilul Shabbos so he wrote in  his צוואה that they should not place  a מצבה on his grave. Instead, all those who pass his Kever should throw rocks on the Kever.

A large pile of rocks accumulated on the

A rumor went around that R' Kloinimos  said if anyone will take
away a stone from his grave he will end up having to come back to return the stone even if he moves to the other end of the

This rumor created a Segulah for E. Israelis traveling to Chutz La'aretz (dangerous trip in those days) to take along a stone from 
his Kever thus being guaranteed to return back to E. Yisroel and placing back the stone on his Kever.

The Aderes was Matir to take the stone for the Segulah.

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