Tuesday, July 27, 2021

When did they start?


פרשת השבוע

  When did they start wearing תפילין?

The מבי"ט writes* "Even though it seems that the Yidden 
were commanded in מצרים to wear תפילין, they could not
have done so until after they arrived in ערבות מואב when
they received the two פרשיות of שמע- והיה אם שמוע."

The רשב"א writes** that since they were commanded in
מצרים to wear תפילין we must assume that the
פרשיות of שמע- והיה אם שמוע were handed over to
them in מצרים but only appeared in the Torah in משנה תורה

בית אלקים שער היסודות פ' ל"ז*
חידושי הרשב"א מנחות ל"ד ע"א**

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