Monday, July 25, 2016

שתם העין-Chizuk Of the Day

On Har Hamenuchos close to the Kever of the Belzer Rebbe zt"l
there is the Kever of a Ba'al Habayis* R. Eliezer Yosef Lederberg zt"l.

On his Matzeivah it is inscribed that he was  Marbitz Torah B'rabim.

He learned and Chazered  Meseches Beitzah & Meseches Rosh Hashana over 4,000 times.

The story :
R. Eliezer Yosef was diagnosed with an eye disease that required
surgery. He was told there is a chance the surgery won't be
successful and he will go blind.  He managed to postpone the
surgery for six months. During that time he learned repeatedly
two Mesechtos by heart so if he  goes blind he will able to learn.

After  the successful surgery and not going blind, he thought
to himself since he had in mind to learn these Mesechtos 
for the rest of his life there is no reason not to do so because
he didn't go blind. On the contrary the more reason to thank
Hashem by learning and Chazering again & again.

R. Eliezer Yosef wrote in his Tzavo'oh that it might be worthed
to mention this on his Matzeiva so others might get Chizuk
to learn and Chazer multiple times. 

*He had a stationery store in Yerushalyim. 


  1. "*He had a stationary store in Yerushalyim."

    That should be stationery, with an e.

    Stationary with an a means something else.

  2. Thank you . I corrected it His stationery store was stationary


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