Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Taanis Esther -What Are You Eating For Supper Tonight ?

Stuffed Cabbage
What's for supper tonight?

Meatless cabbage with rice.

The Rema (695 :2 ) writes to eat " מאכל זרעונים" 
( food with seeds) on Purim.

The Mekor Chaim writes it should be a Chashuva
food, therefore he recommends "rice"

 The Ben Ish Chai (P Tezaveh) writes to eat legumes.

The Divrei Yetziv (Klausenburg Rebbe zt"l) writes

"We have no such  Minhag of  מאכל זרעונים and
it's possible we don't eat it because it is a מאכל אבלים.

He writes that we fulfill the מאכל זרעונים by eating cabbage.
From the Rambam (כלאים פ"א ה"ח) it seems all 
vegetables (ירקות) are considered זרעונים

The Mishna Verurah writes to eat the זרעונים on  the 
first night.

The Mishna Verurah (Shar Hatzion 695 sk 12) quotes 
the Kol Bo "Some do not to eat meat on the first night of Purim so as not to confuse it with the Seudas Purim."

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