Friday, March 25, 2016

Did He Die ?

האפי פורעם
Daf Hayomi Kidushin 13 b
Meinyonei D'Yoma, Purim

וקונה את עצמה בגט ובמיתת הבעל

The Chida (Birkei Yosef E.H.17) has a Shaila if the
wife of R.Zaira  (Rabbah Shechted him on Purim
and the following day Rabbah davened and brought
him back to life).required a new Kidushin from him.

Do we say,
a) since she is קונה את עצמה  with מיתת הבעל
therfore the original Kidushin has expired. The same
way as מחזיר את גרושתו needs a new Kidushin so too 
would R.Zaira's wife need a new Kidushin.

b) The din of  קונה את עצמה  with מיתת הבעל
is only when there is a final death. If the husband
is brought back to life (by a Nes) that type of a death 
doesn't cancel  the original Kidushin and there is no 
need for a new Kidushin.

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