Monday, March 14, 2016

זכר זכר או זכר ולא זכר*

זכר זכר או זכר ולא זכר*

There is a Machlokes between the Minchas Shai,who
says you are supposed to pronounce "Zeicher" with a
Tzeirei and the Heichel Habracha who holds to pronounce
it with a Segol, ," Zecher".

The Minhag is to read it twice, Zecher and  Zeicher.

The Ma'aseh Rav (134) writes The Gra originally
read "Zeicher". Later in life he changed
his mind and read Zecher..

It seems, that the Gra. would only read it one way  Zeicher
or Zeicher and not both.

*Zechor (remember) Zecher or Zeicher and not Zochor

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