Monday, March 14, 2016

clear understating (Kalir)

This coming Shabbos in the Yotzros 
Piyut of the Kalir starts with

 אָץ קוֹצֵץ בֶּן קוֹצֵץ / קְצוּצַי לְקַצֵּץ

 בְּדִבּוּר מְפוֹצֵץ / רְצוּצַי לְרוצץ

 לֵץ בְּבוֹאוֹ לְלוֹצֵץ /פֻּלַּץ וְנִתְלוֹצֵץ

  כְּעָץ מְחַצְּצִים לְחַצֵּץ / כְּנֵץ עַל יוֹנָה לְנַצֵּץ


אָץ- He rushed

קוֹצֵץ בֶּן קוֹצֵץ - The clipper* son of the clipper  (רשע בן רשע)

קְצוּצַי לְקַצֵּץ - The clipped to clip (Bnei Yisroel -  the harmed to harm)

בְּדִבּוּר מְפוֹצֵץ - with slander 

רְצוּצַי לְרוֹצֵץ - The crushed to crush (Bnei Yisroel)

לֵץ בְּבוֹאוֹ לְלוֹצֵץ - When the רשע came to do evil

פֻּלַּץ וְנִתְלוֹצֵץ - The evil turned back against him

כְּעָץ **מְחַצְּצִים לְחַצֵּץ - for wanting to shoot arrows on Bnei Yisroel

כְּנֵץ עַל יוֹנָה לְנַצֵּץ - and wanting to devour like a hawk the dove

*בדרך צחות barber
על פי שירת דבורה**

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