Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Don't forget

The Maharam Shick [Mitzva 605] writes that in a year where the upcoming year  will be a Shono Meuberes (leap year) The Chasam Sofer would be yotzei the Mitzvah of Zechiras Mechiyas Amalek , also when they leined the  Parshas Hashavua of Ki Seitzei.

His reason was, according to the Gemoro people forget after 12 months.

Therefore we have Parshas Zachor once a year, not to be Oiver the Lav of “Lo Tishkach”.   So as not to have from one Parshas Zachor to the following one, more than 12 months, he made sure (in a leap year) to have Kavana to be yotzei the Mitzva at the Keriah of the Parshas Hashavua and again on Parshas Zachor.

It is  interesting, in the Teshuvos (E.H. 1: 119) The Chasam Sofer writes that

"In a leap year Hashem changed the human nature and it takes 13 months to forget instead of 12 months"

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