Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chalitza Ceremony Part II

A cousin of mine- Dr. Rosenbaum shlita from Riverdale, told me that his great great grandfather,  was appointed as a Dayan  at the age of 5 yrs by the Chasam Sofer zt”l.

There was a Chalitza ceremony in the Shulhauf of Pressburg. The Shamash noticed two 5 year old children playing. He chased them away.
The Chasam Sofer who was  there, asked the Shamash to allow the two children to remain there and observe the Chalitza procedure. The Chasam Sofer. explained, “one day these two children will grow up and become Dayanim. They might need to perform a Chalitza. By allowing them to observe, they will be familiar with it".  Both children became Dayanim. His great great grandfather was Dayan in Pressburg as predicted by the Chasam Sofer., when he was only a 5 year old child..  

continuation of excerpts Teshuvas Maharshal #90

After the foot is washed then it is dried with a towel
They  check the shoe to make sure there is no mud or
foreign matter inside the shoe (Chatziza)
He puts on the shoe and ties the straps on his foot (knot & bow)
He walks a few steps , Dayanim observe, that the shoe fits.
He goes to the wall to lean on it lightly so he can forcefully
push down his foot on the ground.
They teach her to say by heart, these two words  לא אבה (he doesn’t want)
They teach him theses two words   לא חפצתי (I don’t want)
Dayan reads and she repeats word for word  the Pasuk of  מאן יבמי להקים
When she reaches to the two words לא אבה she says them in single breadth..
The Yavam answers in single breadth  לא חפצתי
The Yavam pushes his heel to the ground

She bends down (must remain standing)
and undoes the bow knots etc. with her right hand.
(stronger arm,lefty uses left hand)
She holds his foot with her left hand  (so he wouldn’t move it)
She raises his foot with her right hand
she removes the shoe starting from the heel.
The left hand may not assist the right hand.
She stands up with the shoe and throws it
forcefully in front the Yavam.
The Rosh asks her to gather saliva in her mouth.
She spits in front of the Yavam.
All five Dayanim must see the complete removal
of the shoe and the saliva  leaving her mouth till
It hits the ground.
The Rosh reads and she repeats the Pasuk of
ככה יעשה לאיש
All 5 Dayanim callout  three times in loud voices,"חלוץ הנעל   "
They tell her she may now marry whoever she desires.

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