Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chalitza ceremony part 1

It has been 44 days since,Daf Yomi started Meseches Yevamos .
Some of us, have very little knowledge of how the
Chalitza ceremony is actually performed

Excerpts of Teshuvas Maharshal #90

It is proper to perform the Chalitza in a public place (shul etc.) The 5 Dayanim (3+2) establish the place the day before and say ,”Tomorrow we will sit here to perform a Chalitza.”

The following day the three Dayanim sit down. The Rosh Dayan sits in the middle.

The two additional Dayanim sit on a separate bench at the side.

No observers may sit down unless they distance themselves from the Dayanim.

The Minhag is to cover the mouth of the Yevamah, so that she doesn't spit accidentally before being told to do so..

The Rosh asks them What they want”

They both answer “We came to do Chalitza”
The Rosh interrogates them to establish that
 it has been three months Since her husband died
she is the wife of the deceased
he is the brother of the deceased
He is older than13 Yrs. She is older than 12 yrs..
He doesn’t want to be Meyavem (marry) her.
Nobody forced him to do the Chalitza.
She hasn’t eaten anything that day.
The Rosh is Makneh the shoe to the Yavam,and asks him again
If he still  wants to do the Chalitza. He must answer yes ,the only thing
he wants, is to do the Chalitza.
The Yavam is asked to walk a few steps,he is being observed if
he is right footed, so the shoe will be worn on the right foot.
If he is left footed then two shoes are worn (left&right)
Chalitza done right foot first.
The Shliach Bais Din removes his shoe & sock and
washes the foot in warm water.

(Mori V’rabi R.S.Miller shlita said he was at a Chalitza where he
saw R.Moishe Feinstein zt”l, the Poisek Hador personally wash
the foot of the Yavam)

to be continued


  1. Part 2 can be found here http://torasaba.blogspot.com/2014/11/chalitza-ceremony-part-ii.html


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