Monday, July 21, 2014

Where is שני this year ?

The Mishnoh Veruroh (428) quotes  the Magen Avraham in
the name of the Sefer Tzeror Hamor, “The 42  מסעות correspond
with the   שם מ"ב*  . therefore you should not be Mafsik  in the
middle of theמסעות  “.

In our Chumashimשני  is in middle of the מסעות. This year
(Matos & Masai are separate) many Shuls have the Minhag not to end the Kohens Aliyah at שני but to continue on until the end of the 42 מסעות .

There are other Shuls where they are Makpid also on the
Kriah of Shabbos afternoon, Monday & Thursday to continue on till the end of the  מסעות .

·         אבג יתץ קרע שטן etc.

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