Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How many מסעות are there in this weeks (Masai) Parsha ?

a) 39
b) 41
c) 42
d) 49

Rashi writes there are 42 מסעות in this weeks Parsha. If you count them, you will find only 41  מסעות 
The last Rashi in Chumash Shemos says:
“ the resting, at the way stations are also
called מסע(מקום חנייתם אף הוא קרוי מסע)”

1)If you count the way stations starting with Ramses and ending with Arvos Moav then you do have exactly 42.
2)There are those who answer that it says twice
ויסעו מרעמסס and  ויסעו בני ישראל מרעמסס
For some reason they are counted as two  מסעות

3)There are others, who answer , In this week’s Parsha you only have 41, but there is one more מסע in the times of Yehoshua.  

Special thanks to Mori V’Rabi Hagaon R. Y. M. Hirschman shlita

for being Meorer this Sheilo and answer

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