Monday, July 14, 2014

Times Have changed

On the 26th of Sivan 5673 (1913) R. Chaim Hirshensohn z”l
proposed at the Agudas Harabanim Asifa, to oppose
any translation of the Tanach into English, regardless how
authentic  and correct the translation was.

Only by the Goyim do you have a King James version for the
English and a  Luther for the Germans etc. For Yidden it is
against Ruach Yisroel (Jewish spirit).
The only translation we may have are the Targum and the
Meforshei Hatenach based on the Talmud.

The Agudas Harabanim accepted his proposal to oppose

any English translation of Tanach.  


  1. What about the Bais Yehuda Chumash with the Yiddish twitch?


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