Monday, June 2, 2014

Should One Stand During The Reading Of Aseres Hadibros

1) The Shu"t Harambam # 46 says not to stand up when the Aseres Hadibros
are read.(Ta'arumos Haminim)

2) The Yavetz ,Chida etc. bring the Minhag of standing up for the Aseres

3) The Igros Moshe (O.Ch. 4 - 22) says even if your Minhag is to remain seated and you are in a Shul where they stand up, you must stand up. (Minhag Hamakom)

4) Reb Yosef Shalom Elyashuv (Shiurei Brachos 12a) Even when in a Shul where
they all stand, you should not stand up (if you are sitting). because, standing up for the Aseres Hadibros is Neged (against ) Halacha.

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