Monday, June 2, 2014

Daf Yomi-Rosh Hashana 24a

Daf Hashavua

R.H. 24 a&b

The Gemoro (Avoda Zarah 53a) and Shulchan Aruch (Y.D. 141-8) say, “You are not allowed
to replicate the shulchan and menorah  etc. of the Bais Hamikdash. The type of metal
or size doesn't matter.  You may not make a seven branch Menorah”*.

The Chasam Sofer (Toras Moshe Parshas Yisro) writes (based on a Tosfos Yoma 54b) that
wood tables may be made, because we  hold, wood tables were posul in the Bais Hamikdosh .
Metal tables, however may not be made,because any metal table in the Bais Hamikdosh is kosher b'dieved.
The Ch. S. continues that he sees no heter for the matzoh bakery to have copper tables.

The Darkei Teshuva (Y.D. 141-8) argues with the Ch. S. , he writes,
We find  the Gemoro (Shabbos119a) R. Chiya b Aba praised the ba’al habayis who
brought in l’kovod shabbos a golden table. If it would be assur to make, he would
not have praised him.
*There are some poskim who hold that if the branches are not in line, then
even a seven branch menorah is o.k. The  Bchor Shor, Pischei Teshuva and Chida ,
etc. disagree.
They claim that it is assur and not to be meikil (lenient) being we are dealing
with an issur deoriesa.(Lo sa’asun iti elohei chesef--)

I am just wondering if the same logic would also apply to stainless steel tables,
used in commercial kitchens and matzah bakeries, metal furniture (table) etc..
Shouldn't we  be machmir like the Chasam Sofer, being we are dealing with an issur deoriesa?)

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