Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mishkan Vekeilav

Model of the tabernacle in Timna Park, Israel.Photo Credit Wikipedia

Rashi (Shmos 38 : 22 ) says ,” Moshe commanded Betzalel to build the Kli Hamishkan first, and then do the Mishkan. Betzalel argued and said the Minhag is to build the house first and then the Keilim, so you can place them in the house. Moshe agreed that this was the way Hashem originally commanded him.”
The building of the Mishkan was completed on the 25th of Kislev. The first time it was erected was Rosh Chodesh Nissan, more than three months later. Why should we care if the Keilim would be built before the Mishkan, if it wasn’t stored in it for the first three months?

Possible Answer,
Betzalels  concern , was not , that the Mishkan needs to
be ready first, in order to place the Klei Hamishkan in it.
He knew that both, the Mishkan and the Keilim will  go into storage, for 3 months.
 His argument was, being the Minhag Haolam is, to build
the home first and then the furniture, so too when building a Mishkan, we  should follow the Minhag
 Haolam and build the Mishkan first and then the Keilim.

He  held, when doing Mitzvohs we should act and do it in
a normal manner. We should follow the Minhag Haolom.

From the Loshon of  Rashi  we see that his main complaint was  
The Minhag Haolam .
The practical problem of storage is only  an explanation for the
Minhag Haolam and not for the Mishkan which would be stored

for three months.

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