Thursday, February 20, 2014

how could it be?-Bris Milah Triviah

How could it be, a healthy firstborn (from both parents) boy, we don't do a Bris Milah because

of מתו אחיו מחמת מילה ? (two brothers died from Bris) ????

The firstborn of triplets was born on Erev Shabbos Bein Hashmoshes and the other two were born after night fall.

The firstborn has to wait for his Bris until Sunday. The two younger brothers will have their Bris on Shabbos

Therefore if the two younger brothers die during their Bris, he becomes a מתו אחיו מחמת מילה 


  1. Triplets - the first was born friday bein hashmashos & the next 2 were born on shabbos.


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