Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shulchan Aruch Fun Facts

The shortest Siman in Shulchan Orach  is  Orach Chaim #419:

מצוה להרבות בסעודה בר"ח
The only Siman in Shulchan Orach that has no Halacha in it is  Orach Chaim # 430:
שבת שלפני הפסח קורין אותו שבת הגדול
The shortest Se’ief in Shulchan Orach  is in # Yoreh Deah . 65 : 6 (2 words 8 letters)
נוהג בכוי ( גיד הנשה
&  Even Haezer 126 : 42 
מותרת בוי"ו 
  (how to spell)

The Bais Yosef completed the
Shulchan Arech Orech Chaim on Monday  2nd Ellul 5315
Shulchen Arech Yoreh Deah  on Tue evening  2nd Tamuz 5316
Shulchen Arech Even Haezer on Tue evening  19th Shvat 5317
Shulchen Arech  Choshen Mishpat 16th Adar 1 5323

(Seems that  Choshen Mishpat took him approximately
6 years to complete and the others less than
a year )

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