Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bris Minhagim

The Sefer  Zichron Yackov, *1 writes  
“When baby boys were taken to  Shul for their Bris,
They put on the head of the baby  a minature Shtreimel (same as the adult males wear on Shabbos)  

They also wrapped the baby In a Tallis when they carried him to Shul.

For Kvatter*2 they used a little boy and girl. 
The boy wore a Shtreimel and a Tallis. 
The girl wore a  Tichel on her head. Both  were dressed up like adults.

Most towns had a Chevra Sandeko'os.
They paid for chicken or meat to feed the new mother.
Some also paid for the Midwife / Doctor and the Bris Seudah.

In return a Gorol was drawn and one of the members got Sandeko'os.

*1 – 66 (R. Yackov Lipschutz)
*2   The word comes from G-d Vatter   (G-d Father )

        Goyim adopted  it from us.

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