Thursday, October 10, 2013

אם בקשת לחניק היתלה באילן גדול

Daf Hashavua Pesachim 102a


The Yavetz wrote a Sefer called Mitpachas Seforim. 
The Sefer  contains 280 proofs that the Zohar was not written by R.Shimon B. Yochai.

The Yavetz claims that the Zohar was written by R. Moshe d’Leon.  R.M. d’Leon  was the one who claimed to have found the manuscript of the Zohar written by R.Shimon B.Y.

The Yavetz defends R.M. d’Leon for making such (untrue) claims.

He relied on the Gemoro that says “If you want your words to be accepted,then you should claim a great person said it" 

(אם בקשת לחניק היתלה באילן גדול  )

For this reason R. Moshe d’Leon. claimed the Zohar was from R.S.B.Y.

The Chasam Sofer (Shu”t  6 – 59 ) agrees with the Yavetz that the Zohar was

not written by R.Shimon B. Y.  He also writes he has a problem understanding the Gemoro
 that allows forging a Gadols name, so that people should accept your Toireh,when we
have a Toras Emes.

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  1. I was aware that some question the authenticity of the Zohar but I was not aware that the skeptics include the Chasam Soifer zy"a....Interesting...I was under the impression that this belief was not something that could be said out loud in a yeshiva.


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