Thursday, September 10, 2020

Zemiros Yisroel in Aramaic

The Mishna Verura ( 581 sk 4) writes “ The Bakoshos of Selichos which are in Aramaic
( Machei Umasei, Moron Di Vishmayo) should  be  said, only with a Minyan.”

This Halacha is based on the Shulchan Aruch (O. Ch. #101 : 4 ) A Yochid (individual) should
not ask Bakoshos in Aramaic because davening without a Minyan needs the intervention
of the Malochim. The Malochim ignore Tefilos said in Aramaic. For same reason Yekum Purkon
is said only with a Minyan.

I am wondering, how  can  we sing at home (no Minyan) the last two stanzas in Koh
Ribon Olam. (Aramaic)
In the last two stanzas we ask  Hashem to redeem his nation from Galus, and to return to the

Bais Hamikdosh. (Bakoshos)

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