Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Shver disagrees

R, Chaim Shmuel Birenbaum (son in law of R. A. Eiger) told his Shver that his Sheilo (Bar Mitzva)  is similar the Chochmas
Adams Sheilo," If someone ate a meal while he was L.A. an Onen and the Meis was buried within 72
minutes after  his meal, Does he need to bentch because he is satisfied now, or do we say
since the eating was done while there was no chiyuv to bentch, He doesn’t need to bentch even after
he is no longer an Onen."

R.A.E. disagreed with his son in law and said it is not similar to his Sheilo (Bar Mitzva ) ????

Why did R' Akiva Eiger Disagree ???

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