Monday, July 29, 2013

וצדקינו במשפט

In Nusach Sefard ,in the Shemonei Esrei we say ,   וצדקינו בצדק ובמשפט

How can you be Matzdik with Mishpat ?   You can only be Matzdik with Tzedek,

You can judge someone with Tzedek and Mishpat. You can't be Matzdik with Tzedek and Mishpat.

The two original Nuschaos are both grammatically correct.
 a)  Nusach Ashkenaz וצדקינו במשפט You should be Matzdik us at the Mishpat
 b)  Nusach Acheinu Bnei Sforad. ומלוך עלינו אתה ה' לבדך – בצדק ובמשפט    You should reign
over us with Chesed & Rachamim with Tzedek & Mishpat.

What we call Nusach Sefard was adapted from a combination of a) & b). Although, some Meforshim
tried hard to come up with a pshat on  V’tzadkeinu Btzedek Uv’mishpat,  It probably is
a mistake and a corrupt Nusach.*

*The Ba’al Hatanyas Siddur (Tehilas Hashem)  has the Nusach ומלוך עלינו like,  b) A.B. S.

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