Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mikor for the strange Minhag- Maybe?

SEE HERE Where we wrote about a strange Minhag

In Meseches Sofrim  (18:7) it says that the Minhag on Tisha B’av was, they wrapped the Sefer Torah
In a black cloth, placed it ( Sefer Torah) * on the floor, said Nofloh Ateres Rosheinu  and did Kerias Hatorah.

The Abudraham writes , on Tisha B’av you don’t place the Sefer Torah in it’s usual place.(Bimah)

It is very possible from this came the Minhag to place the Sefer Torah on the back of a
person bending down. They didn’t want to put the Sefer Torah on the Bimah or on the floor.
(Shuls had no tables)

*The Tur & Abudraham”s girsa is Tik Shel S.T.

(the Mantel )

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