Wednesday, December 12, 2012

La"n Zvi Yehudah ben Moishe- Refuos

Daf of the week

The Mahril said ,  all   the  refuos and lachashim  mentioned in shas, are forbidden to be practiced.
It only works in certain conditions. If someone will try it and it won’t work he will ridicule the chachamim.
There is one exception, and that is, if someone has a bone stuck in his throat.
The gemoro ( Shabbos 67a) says that he should bring another bone and place it on the back of his head
and say  chad chad nochis bola bola nochis chad chad.
This lachash is allowed because it is boduk umenuso (guaranteed) to work in all conditions.
I once heard that this lachash only works if you use the sefardic havarah (accent).
The ches and the ayin (from chad, nochis and bola) are pronounced from deep inside the throat.
Pronouncing these two letters (sefardi) manipulates the throat, so that the bone will dislodge.

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