Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eloko D'Meier Aneini

                                        Eloko D'Meier Aneini
Who is this Meier ?
Is it the
a) Tanna R.Meier
b) R. Meier Ba'al Haness
c) R. Meier Permishlan
d) None of the above                      A freilichen und LECHTIGEN Chanukah

The obvious answer should be the Tanna R.Meier.

According to the Maharsha
(avoda zarah 18a) It can’t  refer to the Tanna R.Meier because he was still
alive. In his lifetime he would not use his own name attached to  Hashem.

The Maharsha says that Meier is not a name. It is a word, the one
who lights up the world. (Hamei’ir La’aretz  V’ladarim  Aleha)
Or it refers to the G-D who lit for  us during the times of the
Greeks with the ness of Chanukah candles.


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