Monday, December 10, 2012

La"n Zvi Yehuda ben Moishe 30 Kislev Alef d'Rosh. Chodesh Teves

In  Hilchos Chanukah there is one halacha that  is different from all other halachos.
This halacha  has no mekor in chazal ,  the first mekor is from Eliyahu Hanavi.

What Halacha is this?

The Chida writes that the Chesed  L’avraham (nehar 58 mayan 2) found a
ksav  yad kodesh and copied from there, this halacha.

There are only 15 materials that a menorah may be made of.
It also has to stand on its own without leaning  on something,
He holds that you need a keli to light the Chanukah
licht. You may not place candles on the floor or wall and light. You must
have a menorah or cups to place the candles in.  You also may not
use a onion or a potato to place the oil or candle in it.(it is not considered a keli)”

*1 This  ksav  yad kodesh  , was discovered, recently (in our times ) .
It is a kunteres on hilchos Chanukah .  written by  R. Yitzchok  sagi nahor *2
who claimed the halachos were told to him by Eliyahu Hanavi.

 *1 printed in sefer hazikaron R. Y. Hutner
*2 He was born blind ,  son of  the Ravad 3
                    R. Bachaya (vayeishev) calls him the avi hamekubolim 

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