Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Women Talmidei Chachamim-IM LAVAN GARTI

     Most of us are familiar with Bruriah wife of R.Mier. She was a great Talmida Chacham.*1
    There were many more, some not as famous as Bruriah.

1)      The daughter of R. Shmuel Halevi (Gaonim) was a bokie in Gemoro and she taught
2)      The wife of the Rokeach. She was killed with her children . The Rokeach
               wrote a Kinah for her.
       3)     Shut Maharshal (29)   writes, his grandmother Miriam had a yeshiva and said Halacha
                for outstanding bachurim  from behind the curtain.
       4)      Hakdamah  Drisha  (yo”d 2)  writes ,about the greatness of his  mother Beila.
                 She learned Chumash/Rashi and meforshim ,mechadesh chidushim, Knew hilchos
                Nidah almost like Moire Hoiro’oh etc. He also brings two halachos from his mother
       5)      Hakdamah  in the Chavas Yair writes ,his grandmother Chava *2
                knew more Torah ,than many Roshei Yeshivos.
        6)     Sister of R. Yeshaya Berlin (Pik)

The Tosfos Brocho *3  Parshas Vayishlach writes,  Ms. Berlin (sister of R. Y. Berlin)
was known to be a very learned woman and quotes a vort from her

                                                       IM LAVAN GARTI
Rashi  writes that Yackov said  Aba hivtichani hevei g’vir l’ochicho v’lo niskaymo  vi.
Our father has promised  me that You will be a gvir to your brother and it wasn’t
fulfilled , vi  (in me)
Ms. Berlin said that the word GVIR is made up of two words.  a) ger(  gimmel reish)
b)      vi  (veis yud)
If you remove the veis and the yud from gvir you will be left with ger
Yackov  told Esauv  that  Yitzchock  promised  that I will  become a gvir but lo niskaymah
Vi The vi of gvir was  left out.,  hence I am only a ger  Im Lavan Garti  and there is no
reason to be jealous.

*1 Pesachim 62b learned 300 halachos in one day
*2 The Shla Hakodesh wanted to marry her in zivug 2
She refused him. The Shiah said on himself " I wasn't
zoche to marry such a holy woman". 
*3 R. Boruch Epstien (Torah Temima)

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