Thursday, November 18, 2021

Two Names

לע"נ האשה רות בת ר' צבי יהודה ע"ה יום השנה – ז' כסלו           

Yaakov Avinu, probably was the first person, who had two names (Yackov & Yisroel)

The Chasam Sofer (Shu”t E.H. 2 :  18) writes:

 “We never  find Yaakov
to be called by both names at the same time"

We also don’t find in all the names of Tanach, Shas and Poskim* ,someone to be called by two names.

Naming someone with two names is a new phenomenon, that didn’t exist in the olden days.

The Yam Shel Shlomo brings a story where a boy was born. The father wanted to name him after his father  Mier. The mother wanted to name
him after her father Yair. The Rov made a compromise to name him
Shneior  (two lights, Mier- Yair). It never occurred to the Rov, to have
the baby named  with both names, Mier Yair.”

*There is a Bal Hatosfos named Yaakov Yisrael (Tosfos Chulin 112a dh Hani)

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