Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Not מדקדק





The חות יאיר קכ"ד writes that learning חכמת הדקדוק
is important and necessary only, for the basics.
 ,זכר-נקיבה עבר-עתיד,יחיד-רבים,etc.)
One need not waste time learning the details”.

The תשב"ץ א' ל"ג  writes,” Not knowing דקדוק doesn’t
reduce the מעלות of a Talmid Chacham”.

In שו"ת הרמ"א ה-ו-ז there are exchanges of letters from 
the מהרש"ל who criticizes the רמ"א for writing Teshuvos
with דקדוק mistakes.

The רמ"א admits to him that his writing is not fluent. He claims
that he is careful to make his point clear and understood,
Which is more important than proper grammar.

It seems the lack of דקדוק study goes back, way before the
משכילים reintroduced it.




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