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לזכות נשמתה הטהורה של אמי מורתי
מרת געלא בת ר' אברהם אשי ע"ה

יום השנה ד' אדר א

אמרה לי אם

''Der tag hat nicht genug stunden 
was man braucht zu loben,danken
und Davenen zum Ribono Shel Olam"

(translation from German)
The day doesn't have enough hours for the
amount needed to praise, thank, and Daven
to the Ribono Shel Olam



 Parshas Hashavua תרומה

וצפית אתו זהב טהור---- ועשית עליו זר זהב סביב            

The ר' בחיי
( Parshas Terumah) writes We don’t find
in the נדבת המשכן any silk because for building
the משכן we may not use materials that come
from non-kosher animals. (silkworms are non-kosher)

The dye of תולעת שני (red wool) does not come from
a worm. It comes from a red seed that has a worm in it.

(Rambam Parah Adumah 3:2 – Rashi  Yeshayahu1:18)

The ספר חסידים ס' ער"ה writes,that for 'חפצי ה (holy
objects) one is obligated to store them in elegant
containers etc.

For this reason, they made the mantles of ספרי תורה
with silk. (Velvet wasn't common then)

The שו"ת חתם סופר או"ח ל"ט  is struggling to find a היתר
for using silk mantles on the פרוכת- ספרי תורה etc.

Perhaps, the reason why many Rebbes use
for their Tallis/Tefillin bag, cow/deer leather with
the hair still attached, is to show that it's made from
a kosher animal (not pig- alligator skin, etc.) .



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