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How many dreams of Yosef (about his brothers)
are mentioned in this week's Parsha? (וישב)

a) 0
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

According to the חזקוני and other Rishonim, יוסף had 3* dreams.

The ברטנורא writes יוסף's first dream was about 10 candles
not able to extinguish the 1 candle. 
(מגילה ט"ז ע"ב)

The תורה doesn't mention details of this dream because
it didn't come true. The brothers did manage to harm יוסף.

ובזה מיושב למה כתיב ויוסיפו--על חלומותיו*
לשון רבים אחרי חלום אחד

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