Monday, October 9, 2023

Never heard of R. LY Barditchever zt"l


 The פיוט of the first day of Shachris Rosh Hashana
אבן חוג) it says "סלוף דינה ביהוסף להנחות"

The Chasam Sofer quotes from the
ספר טיב גטין
who the Ch. Sofer claims, quotes from a
who said, that when
יוסף was in לאה's womb his
name was
יהוסף and when דינה was in רחל's womb
her name was
After the mothers were switched,
יהוסף lost the ה
and became
יוסף and דין received that ה and
דינה ----

Actually, the
טיב גטין doesn't quote this from an
מקובל but quotes this from his Mechuten
הרב לוי יצחק מברדיטשוב זצ"ל.

In all probability, the Chasam Sofer never heard
of the
קדושת לוי and therefore refers to him as 
an unknown
מקובל אחד.

R. Levi Yitzchok Barditchev -
& The Chasam Sofer 
were both Niftar on
כ"ה תשרי

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