Friday, October 20, 2023

Hebrew or לשון הקודש?



Parshas Hashavua Noach

  'שפה אחת בראשית י"א א  
וחד אמר שהיו מדברים בלשון יחידו של עולם -בלשון הקודש----
ירשלמי מגילה פ"א ה"ט

The חתם סופר writes that לשון הקדש is limited 
to only those words appearing in תנ"ך.

All other words even those used by חז"ל in
the Mishna etc. is not considered לשון הקדש.

Unlike other languages, new words that are
added years later are still considered the
original language.

Modern Hebrew added many foreign words that
have no connection to לשון הקודש

This practice goes back to the times of חז"ל.
They too added foreign words which are not
considered לשון הקודש.


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