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Parshas Hashavua  כי תבא

Chasam Sofer's apology

The Chasam Sofer. felt that he might have offended the
Yismach Moishe (R. Moishe Teitelbaum ZT"L) by being
overly critical of Chasidim.

The Ch. S. sent an apology letter trying to appease him. 

The Ch. S. starts by asking the following question.

How do Chazal know that דבש of the שבעת המינים are dates?
On the פסוק of כל שאור וכל דבש לא תקטירו Rashi 
explains that nectar from all fruits is called דבש
so how did Chazal know that it is not any other 
fruit but dates?

The Ch. S. answered, that by ביכורים it says מראשית ( is
also translated the best)   Chazal knew the sweetest and
best honey comes from a Teitelbaum  (dates)

(Tshuvas Chasam Sofer Orach Chaim #197)





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