Friday, June 30, 2023



פרשת השבוע
חקת בלק

                               ויקח רמח בידו

When immorality was involved, both פנחס & לוי, risked their lives by being קנאים, (zealots) yet פנחס was praised for his קנאות  and לוי, on the other hand, was ostracized for his קנאות 

The Netziv in שו"ת משיב דבר explains, that practicing קנאות should not be done even by חסידים who are doing it for the sake and love of Hashem. It may only  be done by תלמידי חכמים using their הגיון תורה (Torah logic- Hashkafah)
(לוי was 13 years old when they killed the people of שכם

They are the only ones who know and understand the very minute and precise details as to when to be מקדש שם שמים by going out to fight for the cause and when to refrain from קנאות to avoid 'חילול ה.

 According to the נצי"ב,  when in the future, there will be a need to be מקדש שם שמים by destroying & burning down the light rail construction & bringing traffic to a standstill, etc. instead of 8-10-year-old children doing it we should have the זקני ראשי ישיבה who sit down on the pavement in the middle of the street and shout "Natzim" at the Zionist police who are so desperately trying to Shmad and torture Frum Yidden.



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