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              שנים עשר מי יודע

1) Where is Kever רשב"י located?

According to ר' מנחם החברוני (13th century)
רשב"י is buried in Kfar Chananya *(15 km. south of Meron)

2) What day in the עומר was רשב"י niftar?

According to the חיד"א, there is no מקור anywhere
that רשב"י was niftar on Lag Baomer**.

3) Who wrote the Zohar?

According to the יעב"ץ, (The Chasam Sofer seems
to agree) it was R. Moishe d'Leon (not רשב"י)

4) What day did the Talmidei R. Akiva stop dying?

According to many Poskim, they still died on
Lag Baomer but stopped on the 34th day of the עומר.

5) How many Talmidim of R. Akiva died between
Pesach & Shavuos?

The גמרא (Yevamos 62) says 12,000 pairs of
Talmidim.The מדרש says it was only 300 Talmidim.

6) How did they die?

The גמרא says they all died of a disease called Askera.
 According to Harav Hagaon Y. Henkin zt"l and others, the
גמרא uses Askera as a code for getting killed fighting
the Romans.

7)  How can you bring Nachas to רשב"י (guaranteed)?

The שואל ומשיב  5 - 39  writes "If you distribute the  money
to עניי ארץ ישראל instead of spending it to go to his
 Kever etc., he guarantees רשב"י will have  much more
Nachas Ruach.

8) Why do we celebrate Lag Baomer?

According to the Chasam Sofer, the קצת שמחה has nothing
to do with רשב"י but because it's the Sefirah of הוד שבהוד***
and to commemorate the first day the מן came down in
the מדבר.

9)  Why you should not celebrate ל"ג בעומר with
dancing & music in חוץ לארץ?

According to the   מנחת אלעזר ח"ד:ס because it is only a
Minhag Eretz Yisroel Celebrating in Chutz Laaretz is
onsidered strange & haughty כזרות יחשב וכיוהרא 

10) Why the מנחת אלעזר waited till the morning to 
travel to Meron?

When the מנחת אלעזר was in Eretz Yisrael during ל"ג בעומר
he spent the night in צפת not willing to celebrate in Meron
together with the Zionists.            

11) Why is it forbidden to dance in front of a fire?

The תוספתא (Shabbos 7:1) says clapping hands or 
dancing in front of a fire is אסור because of דרכי אמורי

12)  Years ago they had women dancing in Meron
on Lag Baomer לכבוד התנא רשב"י

*R. Binyomin Todelo mentions being at the Kever of Hillel & Shammai but no mention of Rashbi
**The first to mention Yahrzeit of Rashbi on Lag Baomer is the Sefer "Chemdas Hayamim" (controversial Sefer) 
*** Kabbalah




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